Putting State And Federal Securities Laws To Work: Holding Stock Brokers Accountable When They Deceive Investors By Concealing Risks

Brilliant, energetic entrepreneurs have the capacity to build companies that create thousands of jobs – while simultaneously transforming entire industries.  Importantly, however, they cannot even begin to accomplish their objectives unless they have access to the capital that is necessary to fuel their creative instincts.  In many cases, a private offering of securities (a/k/a a private placement) can serve as the funding vehicle through which a start-up company springs into action.  If the company prospers, scores of early-stage investors can pocket hefty gains.

Unquestionably, however, there is a “dark side” to the private placement business.  Historically, some stockbrokers have resorted to outrageous bad faith fabrications as part of an effort to heighten the prospects of convincing customers to purchase the underlying securities.  By way of example, they have all-too-frequently distorted the risks accompanying the restricted stock they are intent on selling.  Knowing that the attending risks are substantial, some of the “bad apples” operating within the securities industry have sought to create the appearance that the stock in question is tantamount to “a sure thing.”  Worse yet, on many occasions, dishonest financial advisors have destroyed the nest eggs of well-healed (but relatively unsophisticated)elderly investors by inducing them to direct an undue portion of their life savings toward such stocks.Their motive?High commissions.

Fortunately, investors who have sustained losses at the hands of dishonest stock brokers have the ability to fight back.  Framed in concise terms, investors can take advantage of state and federal securities law provisions that are designed to protect them – while also capitalizing on common law fraud principles, negligent misrepresentation precedent, breach of contract law, etc.  At the outset, however, they should speak with a seasoned securities lawyer who is well-versed in the area of stock broker fraud.  In all likelihood, such an attorney will be able to formulate important insights and assess the various attributes of any case that might be filed.  Keep in mind that the practice of law is becoming increasingly fragmented; most attorneys are inclined to concentrate on specific fields.  Moreover, it goes without saying that the intricacies of state law principles vary from one jurisdiction to another.  Based on those considerations, Texas investors who are the victims of financial adviser fraud in Texas should not only assess the benefits of conferring with an experienced securities law attorney, but search for a highly regarded Texas investors lawyer who has successfully fought numerous battles on behalf of people who have fallen victim to financial advisor fraud.

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