Investors Must Be Protected From Deception And Deceit As Well As From Incompetence And Carelessness: In Quantitative Terms, Stock Market Losses Emanating From Fraud Are As Painful As Those Which Stem From Negligence

There are over 600,000 registered stockbrokers (a/k/a  financial advisors and financial consultants).  With so many people holding the requisite licenses, it would not be fair to generalize and pretend that brokers are uniformly untrustworthy or less than forthright.  Nor would it be prudent to suppose that all stockbrokers are experienced, astute financial professionals who always apprise customers of the risks that will actually accompany the purchase of a particular stock.  As with all other analyses encompassing a large group of individuals, a small segment of people will lie at either end of the spectrum – with the majority falling somewhere in between the two extremes.

At the same time, it seems clear that a one-dimensional model is too simplistic to fit the dynamics which characterize the countless variations attending dealings between stockbrokers and investors (experienced and inexperienced, sophisticated and unsophisticated).  After all, a given financial adviser may take pains to be on his best behavior while conferring with his most knowledgeable, longstanding customers – while simultaneously exhibiting a tendency to be less than forthright while conferring with novice investors (who are more likely to lack the capacity to discern the difference between “straight talk” and fictional, bad faith hyperbole).  Alternatively, a financial consultant may habitually strive to accurately characterize the “pros” and “cons” of purchasing stocks falling within the select group of securities he follows on an in-depth basis – but display a penchant to recklessly discuss the ostensible features of stocks he knows little about.  Extending the analysis further, other stockbrokers may make it a practice to steer the bulk of their clients into securities that pay the highest commissions – while concealing their true motivations.  Regardless of the precise features accompanying a relationship between a customer and a stockbroker, one factor will remain constant.  To that end, the size of the loss that is sustained will have the same quantitative impact upon the investor regardless of whether the underlying misstatements stem from fraud vs. carelessness.  And, on a fundamental level, it is of paramount importance that investors receive the protections afforded by our securities laws under both scenarios.  Relief must be provided to those who fall victim to cunning deception, as well as those who are taken in by bumbling incompetence.

In the event you maintain concerns over the character and quality of the investment “advice” you have received from a particular stockbroker, contact Chris Bebel.  Mr. Bebel is a former federal prosecutor and a former SEC attorney. He knows the “ins” and “outs” of the securities industry.  Based on the results he has achieved over many years, Mr. Bebel is viewed as an accomplished securities lawyer.  Propelled by a record of excellence, Mr. Bebel is rightly perceived as a skillful, astute securities law attorney who has distinguished himself in the securities arbitration arena – as well as in the courtroom.

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