“To Arbitrate or Not to Arbitrate,” That is the Question.

Many clients have asked the question over the years as to whether or not they should arbitrate their investment fraud disputes. The Supreme Court of the United States engaged this question in Shearson v. MacMahon, 482 U.S. 220 (1987), and held that it was the intent of Congress when it enacted the Federal Arbitration Act that it was to be the preferred method of resolving disputes in many instances.

Arbitration is generally a less expensive and more expedient option than traditional courtroom proceedings. In any event, documents may have been signed in connection with the opening of the underlying brokerage account that require arbitration, depending on the circumstances.  Conversely, the customer cannot generally be forced to arbitrate unless the individual has entered into a contractual agreement which specifies that arbitration must be used for dispute resolution purposes.

The Unwritten, Subtle Rules and Informal Principles that Attend Arbitration

Arbitration, like many formal proceedings, is governed by official rules and regulations. However, there are many unwritten and subtle rules and informal principles that attend arbitration proceedings, and can only be learned through experience. An attorney who is unfamiliar with the securities arbitration arena is subject to running afoul of these rules, much to his or her client’s detriment. Because Chris Bebel is a securities arbitration lawyer who has devoted so much time and effort to the pursuit of excellence in the securities arbitration context, he is thoroughly conversant with both the formal and informal rules attending arbitration proceedings.

Are You in Need of a Securities Arbitration Lawyer?

If you are involved in an investment fraud dispute with your brokerage firm or one of its representatives , Chris Bebel can provide you with the assistance you need.  Chris Bebel has practiced extensively in the securities field while litigating and arbitrating securities matters. Mr. Bebel is a renowned expert in the field of securities law.

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