In Pursuit of Securities Litigation

Chris Bebel is a seasoned, polished trial lawyer who has distinguished himself in the courtroom.  His track record speaks for itself.  Mr. Bebel has received a broad range of accolades and commendations over the years; he has achieved success on numerous fronts.  The invaluable trial experience he obtained while serving as a federal prosecutor sets him apart from his peers.

Significantly, Mr. Bebel does not work alone while representing investors.  His talents and experience are strengthened and leveraged by the Tefteller Law, PLLC attorneys who work in tandem with him, particularly Jarom Tefteller – a rising star, who is a proud member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Typically, experts are needed to place important issues in their proper perspective and explain the significance of various concepts.  Although Mr. Bebel is himself a highly regarded expert witness within the securities industry, he cannot act as an expert witness in a case where he is representing an investor.  Consequently, Mr. Bebel hires expert witnesses on behalf of his clients to enhance the possibility of a favorable outcome.  If you have been victimized by unfair or unethical dealings, contact the firm for a free consultation.

Reasons to Pursue Litigation

Investment advisors and financial consultants are required by law to put the best interests of their clients first. However, not all investment advisors and financial consultants strive to fulfill this obligation.

While many financial industry professionals carry on their day to day activities in an exemplary manner, that is not always the case.  Moreover, financial industry professionals who have historically complied with industry regulations may, on a particular occasion, sacrifice the interests of their clients as a means of obtaining heightened levels of compensation.  Or, they may engage in deceptive tactics based on the belief that the true nature of their conduct will not be detected.  Regardless of the broker’s motivation, the results can be economically devastating. 

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(Former SEC Attorney)