Brokerage Firms Must Continually Strive To Protect The Interests Of Their Customers By Exercising Diligence In Connection With The Supervision And Oversight Of Outside Business Activities And Private Securities Transactions.

Securities brokerage firms have an obligation to safeguard the interests of their customers.  To accomplish that objective, those firms must diligently discharge their ongoing responsibility to closely supervise the activities of the stock brokers they employ.  Along those lines, brokerage firms must, among other things, carefully inspect and analyze the incoming and outgoing letters, e-mails, and facsimiles of their investment advisers.  While carrying out those essential functions, brokerage firms must be on the lookout for “red flags,” which are commonly thought of as “indications of irregularities.”  Further, they must remember that from a historical perspective, stock brokers have repeatedly utilized outside business activities so as to hide private securities transactions, wherein they sell securities while “moonlighting” – and thus expose employers to massive liability.

Given the depth and breadth of the supervisory responsibilities they shoulder, brokerage firms essentially control the activities of the stockbrokers working on their behalf.  Viewed in that light, it can scarcely be viewed as a surprise that a brokerage firm would be held accountable under a “control person” liability statute that has been crafted with an eye toward achieving investor protection.  At the same time, it must be understood that control person liability provisions do not stand alone.  When a financial consultant makes fraudulent statements in connection with outside business activities – or while engaging in private securities transactions (commonly referred to as “selling away”), the firm with which he or she is associated may also be held liable based on principles of vicarious liability, respondent superior, and agency law.

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