Large Commissions: The Connection That Links Record Sales of Private Placements to Higher-Risk Brokers

According to a study that was recently conducted by the Wall Street Journal, 2017 was a banner year for the sale of private placements.  In that regard, more than $710 billion was raised through the sale of private placements last year – with such securities being sold at an even faster clip this year.  What motivates brokerage firms and brokers to raise so much money via the sale of private placements?  In a word, “commissions.”

The commissions that are associated with the sale of private offerings greatly exceed the norm.  And, per the Wall Street Journal’s analysis, it seems clear that such handsome compensation rates have attracted a disproportionate share of troubled brokerage firms.  Along those lines, the WSJ found that firms which sell private placements (which constitute roughly 40% of all firms) have accounted for more than half of the broker-dealers that have been expelled in recent years.  More importantly, the Wall Street Journal found that an undue level of higher-risk stock brokers have tended to cluster within firms that sell private placement securities.

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