Large Commissions: The Connection That Links Record Sales of Private Placements to Higher-Risk Brokers

According to a study that was recently conducted by the Wall Street Journal, 2017 was a banner year for the sale of private placements.  In that regard, more than $710 billion was raised through the sale of private placements last year – with such securities being sold at an even faster clip this year.  What […]


Those Who Mislead Investors within the Context of A Private Offering Cannot Hide From Federal or State Securities Law Anti-Fraud Provisions

Large companies doing business across the globe commonly hire a securities law firm to shepherd them through the SEC registration process, and thereby arrange for the securities they intend to sell to become registered.  Briefly stated, the registration of such securities allows them to be sold via public offerings.  Smaller companies, by contrast, cannot shoulder the hefty […]


Stock Brokerage Firms May Be Held Liable When The Financial Advisers They Employ Hurt Customers While Violating The Rules Of The Securities Industry: Exploring The Broad Reach Of Agency Law, Vicarious Liability, Respondeat Superior, And Control Person Liability

Month after month, year after year, stock brokers counsel their clients to purchase one security or another.  Fortunately, the bulk of those recommendations are delivered in a forthright manner.  And, as a general rule, stockbrokers generally ground their recommendations on a “reasonable basis,” as required by the rules governing the conduct of securities industry professionals. […]


Investors Who Have Suffered Financial Losses Based On Misleading Sales Presentations Should Assert Their Rights: Senior Citizens Who Have Lost Their Retirement Savings To Scam Artists Should Contact An Accomplished

Investment Fraud Lawyer Private securities offerings fuel economic prosperity.  Every year, thriving young companies with a promising future raise billions of dollars through the sale of unregistered stock.  The bulk of these transactions take place under SEC Regulation D, “Reg. D” for short.  Pursuant to the capital that is raised in connection with these securities […]


States Must Do More To Protect Our Vulnerable, Elderly Citizens

The cruelties of elder abuse can take many forms.  Even if no bruises appear, the consequences can be enormous.  All too often, rogue financial advisers prey upon feeble senior citizens who possess diminished mental capacities and are thus unable to fend for themselves.  Even more worrisome are the unlicensed fly-by-night promoters who brazenly hop from […]


Stock Broker Fraud, Ponzi Schemes, And Deliberate Ignorance Often Operate In Conjunction With One Another

Scam artists targeting unsophisticated investors will not hesitate to abuse SEC Regulation D (“Reg D”) in connection with an attempt to recruit a team of slippery brokers who will help them effect a fraudulent private securities offering.  With an eye toward attracting unscrupulous financial advisers to sell the underlying securities, these dishonest charlatans frequently offer […]


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