Investors Who Have Suffered Financial Losses Based On Misleading Sales Presentations Should Assert Their Rights: Senior Citizens Who Have Lost Their Retirement Savings To Scam Artists Should Contact An Accomplished

  1. Investment Fraud Lawyer

    Private securities offerings fuel economic prosperity.  Every year, thriving young companies with a promising future raise billions of dollars through the sale of unregistered stock.  The bulk of these transactions take place under SEC Regulation D, “Reg. D” for short.  Pursuant to the capital that is raised in connection with these securities offerings, emerging businesses obtain the money they need to develop new technologies, buy cutting-edge equipment, and hire talented employees.  If everything goes well, these dynamics can provide for an environment wherein a tiny acorn grows into a mighty oak, the likes of which transform an entire industry.

    Regrettably, however, hucksters and charlatans all-too-frequently seek to “line their pockets” by soliciting investors via the creation of highly misleading portrayals, wherein they coax investors to part with their retirement savings by assuring them that a given company is about to “take off.”  Unfortunately, this type of grandiose statement is often devoid of a rational basis.  Indeed, many of the financial sales people who make such bold proclamations lack the ability to speak in meaningful terms, in that, they have never conducted the type of due diligence examination that is required — nor have they retained anyone to perform that task on their behalf.  Worse yet, financial scam artists who make deceptive and misleading statements about the supposedly highly promising business prospects of a given issuer regularly target the elderly.  Recognizing that scores of our elderly senior citizens lack both the knowledge and the capacity to “fend for themselves,” such practices must be viewed in an especially reprehensible light.  Brokerage firms must go the “extra mile” to protect the interests of their elderly customers and safeguard them from predatory machinations.

    If you, or perhaps your parents, have been subjected to misleading sales pitches by a dishonest stock broker, consider the merits of speaking with a knowledgeable, experienced securities law attorney.  While reflecting upon questions going toward the attorney who will best represent your interests, keep in mind that most attorneys focus on a specific area of law.  For example, some attorneys may gear their practice toward personal injury cases, while others concentrate on real estate, probate, or perhaps family law.  Viewed in that light, it is important that you choose an attorney who possesses experience and expertise in the investment fraud sector, and the securities fraud arena in particular.

    Chris Bebel is a seasoned securities litigation attorney who has enjoyed tremendous success in the court room, as well as the securities arbitration arena.  Unlike other lawyers, he has focused his energies on the securities fraud area for decades.  Plus, he is a published scholar and an excellent speaker who has been called upon by numerous law firms as part of an effort to build stronger, more compelling cases.  From a totality of the circumstances perspective, Mr. Bebel may rightfully be regarded as a premier Texas investors attorney who targets financial adviser fraud in Texas.  At the same time, such designations actually fall short of the mark.  In that regard, Mr. Bebel does not confine his practice to Texas.  He has pursued numerous financial adviser fraud cases on behalf of investors residing throughout the country.  In short, Chris Bebel is an accomplished, well-respected securities lawyer who has handled scores of cases from coast-to-coast.

    Chris Bebel works closely with Bradley Ellison, a cerebral and conscientious paralegal who has a wealth of experience in cases involving private placement fraud — which may also be termed private offering fraud.  Together, Mr. Bebel and Mr. Ellison make a formidable team.  Working closely with one another, they have labored diligently to combat securities fraud in Texas.  In colloquial terms, they look out for the interests of Texas investors.

    If you are a victim of stock broker fraud, stand up for your rights.  Reach out to a securities fraud attorney who possesses the skill, expertise, background, and accomplishments that give you a sense of comfort.  Survey an array of securities lawyers, and then give Chris Bebel a call.  He is a uniquely qualified investment fraud attorney.  Plus, he is surrounded by a talented and dedicated group of professionals at Tefteller Law, PLLC who regularly go the “extra mile” for clients.  Against that backdrop, Tefteller Law deserves to be viewed as a special securities law firm.