Bebel CBS Early ShowChris Bebel:
Practicing Attorney and Securities Expert

Chris Bebel is a highly regarded securities law attorney practicing throughout the country.  Mr. Bebel has been a federal prosecutor, as well as an enforcement attorney for the SEC and NASD (n/k/a FINRA).  In fact, he was on the NASD subcommittee that set standards for brokerage firm misconduct.  Now, Mr. Bebel represents investors.  Contact  the firm for a free initial consultation to discuss your specific concerns.

U.S. vs. O’Hagan: The case they said couldn’t be won

During his prosecutorial career, Chris Bebel prosecuted and won the trial of U.S. vs. O’Hagan, which ultimately went to the U.S. Supreme Court and established key securities law principles.

This was the case that professional observers said could not be won in court. Supposedly the factual and evidentiary deficiencies were too vast to overcome. However, this did not deter Mr. Bebel in his determination to fight for justice and to put James O’Hagan behind bars. Not only did he prevail in every allegation that went to the jury, but this case is now a required part of securities law school programs throughout the country.

Then, as now, Chris Bebel is setting the standards and raising the bar as a securities law attorney. To put his experience to work for you, simply contact the firm to arrange for a free confidential consultation.