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Choosing investor lawyers may not be as easy as it sounds. There are many factors to consider when searching for the right attorney to handle your investor claims. It is important to choose an attorney specializing in the specific field of law relevant to your case. Choosing a securities fraud attorney requires you to consider many factors. Here are some of the reasons why Chris Bebel Tefteller Law is your best bet for handling your securities fraud case.


When looking for an investment fraud attorney, avoid jumping at the first lawyer you talk to over the phone or meet. Although you may feel comfortable dealing with the first attorney, pause first, and meet a few more before deciding. Your securities fraud attorney will likely work with you for a prolonged period. In addition, the attorney will have access to your personal information, including financial details. The lawyer should assist you during your difficult moments. This is a substantial responsibility, and you will want to choose the right professional for this job.

At Chris Bebel Tefteller Law, we have many years of experience in securities fraud. Our team of attorneys is friendly, courteous, and always ready to help you whenever you need it. We are technically proficient and take the time to click with our clients. Our aim is to establish trusting and professional relationships with our clients and offer the best representation possible.

Securities Fraud Experience

Chris Bebel Tefteller Law has many years of experience with securities fraud. Our firm consists of former Wall Street lawyers who have represented many Wall Street firms and individual clients. A considerable benefit of hiring us is we have been on the other side of the aisle; we can assess your case efficiently and anticipate counterarguments you might experience on your securities fraud case.

Our attorneys have spent significant amounts of time understanding complex securities fraud laws and understand the documents and information financial advisors and brokerage firms are likely to have regarding your case. In addition, we know all the tricks brokerage firms and financial advisors are likely to use with their clients. We also know how financial advisors and investment firms are likely to view your case.


Our attorneys get paid once we successfully get a monetary award in your case. In summary, we will not be paid unless we win.

Litigation Experience

Apart from our Wall Street experience, we also have excellent litigation experience. We are not your typical “cool as a cucumber” attorney who drafts will and patent laws. Securities fraud can be a rough and tumble area of law. Unlike other attorneys, we have some fire and will work hard to fight hard on your behalf.


Chris Bebel Tefteller Law is an attorney you can trust. We aim to make the best case possible on your behalf and use the details and information of your case to provide sound advice and the best strategies for handling your securities fraud case.

Get our securities and investment fraud lawyers on your side. Please contact Chris Bebel Tefteller Law at 903-843-5678 for a free legal consultation.

Securities Lawyer