A professional securities attorney who is pursuing claims on behalf of Woodbridge Ponzi scheme investors

Chris Bebel, a former Assistant United States Attorney, recently filed claims on behalf of elderly Texas investors who sustained losses in connection with the Woodbridge Ponzi scheme.  The claims were grounded on the Texas Securities Act, common law fraud principles, and breach of contract law, among other things.  As alleged in more detail in the text of the underlying state court petition, Robert H. Shapiro and the Woodbridge Companies (“Woodbridge”) sought to “create a misleading portrayal suggesting an impressive level of economic prosperity and vitality.”  And, while “striving to capitalize on that deceptive image, Shapiro and Woodbridge joined forces with numerous unregistered entities and individuals,” as alleged in the underlying petition.  In the process, massive sums were raised from investors, per the text of the petition.  Woodbridge thereafter filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition.  On the heels of that development, the SEC filed a complaint in federal court, wherein it charged that the business model of Shapiro and Woodbridge constituted a “ruse,” as further discussed in the petition (and the SEC’s December 21, 2017 press release).  (Note: Recognizing that much of the foregoing discussion has been taken out of context, readers are advised to consult the petition itself; Cause No. 18-0180, 71st Judicial District Court, Harrison County, Texas.)

If you are a victim of the Woodbridge Ponzi scheme, you may be able to advance your interests by conferring with a securities litigation lawyer.  Suffice to say, Chris Bebel, a veteran of the SEC, is a talented, experienced securities litigation attorney.  Framed in colloquial terms, he “knows the ropes.”  Mr. Bebel is a securities lawyer with more than 30 years of securities fraud experience under his belt.  Plus, he has distinguished himself in both the courtroom, as well as the securities arbitration arena.  So, if you are a victim of financial advisor fraud, consider the merits of reaching out to Chris Bebel — a superb investment fraud attorney who has repeatedly achieved success.  And, keep in mind that Mr. Bebel’s practice is not limited to the representation of Texas investors.  He represents investors who reside throughout the country.  Chris Bebel works in conjunction with Jarom Tefteller, a talented litigator.