Securities Litigation: Chris Bebel is an accomplished trial lawyer with many years of experience under his belt. Moreover, he works in tandem with other Tefteller Law, PLLC attorneys when representing investors in court cases. If you are in need of a securities litigation lawyer to represent your interests in a securities or investment fraud lawsuit, then Chris Bebel can provide you with legal representation. Contact the firm for a free initial consultation.

Securities Arbitration: Arbitration regularly serves as a means of resolving disputes involving a stockbroker or a securities brokerage firm. Although exceptions apply, arbitration may be required by a contract that was signed at the inception of the relationship with the broker-dealer. For more information regarding the particular features and characteristics of a securities arbitration claim that may be filed on your behalf, contact us for a free initial consultation.

Dishonest Business Practices: Chris Bebel combines his skill as a seasoned trial lawyer with the knowledge he has acquired in the business fraud context so as to represent individuals who have been harmed by conduct that amounts to common law fraud, negligent misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, and theft of business opportunity. If you have been harmed by any of these practices, contact the firm for a free initial consultation.

Expert Witness: If you need an expert witness to assist you in your securities fraud or investment fraud case, Mr. Bebel can provide you with a broad range of knowledge, insights and experience. He is a respected authority on securities law topics whose legal interpretations and analyses are valued throughout the United States and abroad. Contact the firm to arrange for a free confidential consultation.