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The right investor lawyers could make the difference between winning and losing a securities fraud case. Of course, your lawyer does not guarantee the outcome of investor claims. However, hiring a zealous securities fraud lawyer could make the difference between acceptable and excellent results. There are many reasons to choose Chris Bebel Tefteller Law to handle their securities fraud cases. Our investment fraud attorney has earned a reputation for fighting zealously on clients’ behalf. They will leave no stone unturned as they fight for what is rightfully yours. Many factors set us apart from other law firms.

Litigation Experience

Chris Bebel Tefteller Law is not just another securities fraud attorney; we have handled many litigations like yours and understand the legal intricacies and complexities of securities fraud. Therefore, we are confident that we will handle your case exceptionally well and get you the results you want.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

We are confident enough to tell you what you should expect from your case and open to allowing you to seek a second opinion regarding your case. We understand how securities fraud works. Unlike other attorneys who try to remain objective and handle your case with calmness, we will strive for the results you want. We know how securities firms work and how they will view your case. Our attorneys’ determination help our clients recover their losses.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike other lawyers, we are extremely transparent about our pricing and rates. We handle securities fraud cases on a contingency basis. This means that we only get paid when we win your case and recover your money. There are no hidden costs and charges. Other attorneys find it uncomfortable to discuss their fees and rates. However, we think you must understand all financial arrangements between us and ensure your financial interests are aligned with ours.

Excellent References

Unlike other securities attorneys, we have handled many cases like yours and are confident we can produce the results you want. Our attorneys have represented many Wall Street clients, financial advisors, and securities firms. We understand how the securities markets work. In addition, our attorneys can share our references and case results. We have represented many clients throughout our years of existence and achieved excellent results, verdicts, and settlements.  


If you have lost your investment and fear you have no options for protecting yourself, consider talking to Chris Bebel Tefteller Law right away. While many securities and investment fraud lawyers are legitimate and offer reliable guidance and advice to their clients, some lawyers are extremely unprofessional.

As a securities investor, you expect to make decent returns on your investment. You expect your investment to offer some form of financial protection for your future or retirement. So, it can be extremely devastating to find out that your financial advisor or investment firm has been unscrupulous and that you have lost all your investment. Our securities fraud attorneys will put all their time and energy into uncovering the truth and recovering your losses in such cases. Simply give Chris Bebel Tefteller Law a call at 903-843-5678 for a free legal consultation.

Securities Lawyer Near Me

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Securities Lawyer Near Me

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