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Chris Bebel Tefteller Law has heard many clients’ testimonies with details of how they suffered substantial losses due to market crashes. Such losses are usually recoverable if they were caused by bad advice from a financial advisor or broker, failure to disclose details of a sell order, or the failure to recommend a stock sale. Talk to our investor lawyers if you have suffered significant losses due to suspected securities fraud. Here are things to know about Chris Bebel Tefteller Law:

We have represented many clients and helped them recover hundreds of millions that they thought they had lost to bad investments. Our firm consists of trained investment fraud attorneys with many years of experience resolving securities fraud.

Chris Bebel Tefteller Law offers affordable legal representation, including consultation and work on a contingency fee basis. We will take a small fee from the funds we recover for you.

A significant portion of our clientele comes from referrals from previous clients and other lawyers. Our attorneys consider this an exceptional honor for peers and clients to refer our firm to friends and family.

How We Make Investor Claims

Most investments are risky ventures, a fact that many investors are alive to. However, many investors are not aware of how common it is for them to suffer losses because of misconduct, direct negligence, and fraud by financial advisors and stockbrokers. More than 380 advisors and brokers were barred from providing financial services in 2018 alone. In addition, more than 470 financial advisors and stockbrokers were suspended in the same year. Moreover, more than $80 million were collected in fines and restitution.

Many investment firms have been expelled and suspended from the financial services industry due to fraud and non-compliant practices. Some brokers, investment firms, and financial advisors have caused clients to suffer significant losses due to negligent or unlawful actions. In such cases, clients have the right to sue the responsible parties to recover their losses.

Many legal options are available to you, depending on your situation. When you contact us, we will listen to your case and then conduct a comprehensive investigation to uncover the details of your losses. In addition, we will review key issues in your case, including:

  • The financial records and documents related to your investment
  • Your relationship with the investment firm or financial advisor
  • The promised returns from the investment
  • The total losses incurred because of possible fraud or negligence

Our team of experienced securities and investment fraud lawyers will determine the next possible actions to take after the investigation. We aim to make the most effective claim for full or fair compensation for clients’ investment losses.

We often advise investors who have experienced securities fraud to seek the excellent legal representation we provide because they really have few people to turn to who are as objective as we are. If you seek help from other financial advisors, they will tell you to hold on because markets are volatile and that you will be OK in the long-term.

Please consult Chris Bebel Tefteller Law immediately at 903-843-5678 if you have suffered significant investment losses.

Securities Fraud Lawyer

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Securities Fraud Lawyer

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