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Priest sex abuse lawsuit

For many decades now, there have been countless allegations of sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests. Thousands of priests have been exposed and perhaps more worryingly, there are allegations that some diocese knew that their priests were abusing members of the congregation but failed to act on the knowledge.

Although nothing can undo the pain suffered by sexual abuse victims, they can still file a priest sexual abuse lawsuit to prevent the culpable priest and church from hurting others. Horowitz Law has expert sexual abuse attorneys that are dedicated towards this cause and they are always ready to help with your claim.

Can the church be sued for sexual abuse?

Many people may think that churches are immune to lawsuits because the government does not interfere with their activities. However, this is untrue. In cases where applicable, churches can be found negligent and made to pay for the crimes committed by their priests. Although the total number of claims that have been brought against the catholic church is unknown, a priest sexual abuse lawsuit has been filed against more than 6700 priests and other clergy members between 1950 and 2016.

What are the effects of priest sex abuse?

Victims of priest sex abuse experience mental, emotional, or physical injuries that stay with them forever. Too often, the victims do not even recognize the abuse for what it is until much later. They feel immense guilt and shame and blame themselves for their naivety.

The lasting impacts of priest sex abuse may include:

  • Inability to function in social situations
  • Developing unhealthy ideas about relationships
  • Low self-esteem
  • A diminished sense of self-worth
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Is priest sex abuse restricted to the Catholic Church?

The Roman Catholic Church has been the subject of most priest sexual abuse lawsuits. However, sexual abuse by clergymen is not exclusive to the Catholic Church. Other churches and religious organizations have also been found negligent in their sacred duty of protecting their subordinates from their clergies. If you or anyone you know has suffered from priest sexual abuse in any church or religious organization, you should schedule a free consultation with our sexual abuse attorneys at Horowitz Law.

Why file a priest sex abuse lawsuit?

For long, priests and churches have used shame and guilt as weapons for silencing victims. Some churches even urge victims to ‘forgive and forget’ because that is what God wants! They fail to think about the emotional and mental distress these victims have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Our sexual abuse attorneys at Horowitz Law know that no amount of compensation can alter what has happened. However, we also believe that holding priests and churches accountable can help ease the future while protecting other vulnerable members of the congregation.

The most difficult part of ‘coming out’ for many sexual abuse victims is making that first effort to reach out. Once you make that bold step, you’ve set yourself on a path towards holding your abuser accountable. Our sexual abuse lawyers at Horowitz Law promise to be with you at every step of the way. Schedule a free and confidential consultation today and they’ll help evaluate your case.


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