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Child support is a serious matter. Both parents must pay their fair share. Our experts at West Family Law Group will make sure you get the support your child deserves and that the law requires. We are a top-ranked child support in Orlando family law firm.

What is child support?

Child support is the amount of money a parent must pay for the benefit of their child. This can include cash to the custodial parent, medical expenses, health insurance, extracurriculars, and many other items the parents identify. Courts issue orders for child support or approve agreements that parents draw up that cover what each parent is responsible for. These agreements happen between parents who do not marry or who enter into a divorce.

Spouses can pay child support through a variety of methods. If the parties agree, one spouse can directly pay the other. Cash, check, or money order is acceptable. The responsibility is on the parent receiving payments to keep track of them. Payments also come from the state you live in via their child support collection agency. This can happen if the parties prefer the state to collect and distribute the payment or if the payments come via wage garnishments.

How to determine child support

Multiple formulas are involved in determining child support. Income plays a role in most of them. The ability of the non-custodial parent to pay is a factor. So is the quality of life the child had before the divorce. The income of the custodial parent is also a factor, as is the amount of time the paying parent spends with the child.

Child support is always for the child. These monies are to protect them from the impact of their parents living apart. Child support does not mean only cash support. It can cover things such as schooling, athletics, childcare expenses, and even shelter. What specific issues your lawyers and the courts develop your child support arrangement covers. We can help you get the optimal settlement in your child support in Orlando.

What child support is not for

Child support covers many things, but those are for the child. The following are examples of what the custodial parent can not do with the money.

  • Spend it on meals without the child present
  • A vacation without the child present
  • Salon services like a hairdresser that did not cut and style the child’s hair
  • Items not for the child, like alcohol, tobacco, or tattoos

If the paying parent suspects the custodial parent of misuse of funds, do not stop making your payments! Continue to pay and speak with your lawyer and the courts.

Wage garnishment for non-payment of child support

If you do not pay your child support, the state has the right to take you to court and garnish your wages. The amount of children you are responsible for is a factor when determining the percentage of wage garnishment. Keep in mind that a state can garnish your wages and take as much as 60% of your check for child support.

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