Securities Arbitration Lawyer

If you’ve been the victim of securities fraud, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to take your case to court or to arbitrate. Arbitration is generally a less expensive and more expedient option than traditional courtroom proceedings. In any event, documents may have been signed in connection with the opening of the underlying brokerage account that require arbitration, depending on the circumstances. 
If you’re making the choice as to whether or not you should arbitrate your securities law related dispute, you’ll need the experience that only a Securities Arbitration Lawyer can offer. The Supreme Court holds that arbitration is to be the preferred method of resolving disputes in many instances. It might be the most beneficial course of action for you as well.
If you are involved in a securities law related dispute with your brokerage firm or one of its representatives and wish to arbitrate your claim, Chris Bebel can provide you with the assistance you need. Unlike other lawyers for whom securities law is a small part of their practice, Chris Bebel practices extensively in the securities field while litigating and arbitrating securities matters. Mr. Bebel is a renowned expert in the field of securities law and has been immersed in this area since 1986. 
When you need a Securities Arbitration Lawyer who will bring the experience and skills to the table you can count on, contact Chris Bebel at 903-843-5678.
Arbitration, like many formal proceedings, is governed by official rules and regulations. However, there are many unwritten and subtle rules and informal principles that attend arbitration proceedings, and can only be learned through experience. An attorney who is unfamiliar with the securities arbitration arena is subject to running afoul of these rules, much to his or her client’s detriment. Because Chris Bebel is a securities arbitration lawyer who has devoted so much time and effort to the pursuit of excellence in the securities arbitration context, he is thoroughly conversant with both the formal and informal rules attending arbitration proceedings.
While many financial industry professionals carry on their day to day activities in an exemplary manner, that is not always the case. Moreover, financial industry professionals who have historically complied with industry regulations may, on a particular occasion, sacrifice the interests of their clients as a means of obtaining heightened levels of compensation.  Or, they may engage in deceptive tactics based on the belief that the true nature of their conduct will not be detected. Regardless of the broker’s motivation, the results can be economically devastating.  Innocent investors have lost their entire life savings by relying on tainted advice. 
Investment professional misconduct may arise in the form of:
– Outright falsities
– Material omissions
– Unrealistic profitability procedures
– Due diligence investigatory failures
– Unauthorized trading
– Breach of fiduciary duty
– Excessive trading
If you have experienced any type of impropriety listed above, contact Chris Bebel at 903-843-5678, a renowned securities Arbitration Lawyer, for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. You can also visit his website at to learn more about how he can be of assistance to you.