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About Chris Bebel

Securities law attorney Chris Bebel has served as a prosecutor for both the SEC and NASD (n/k/a FINRA), and is now dedicated to assisting individuals to recover their investment loss. His legal interpretation and analysis has been highlighted on NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CourtTV, and many others.

Life Settlement Investors Who Have Suffered Losses Based On The Conduct Of LPHI And LPI: A Chronological Perspective

Life settlement investors situated across the country have sustained massive losses in connection with the conduct of Life Partners Holdings, Inc. (“LPHI”) and Life Partners, Inc. (“LPI”).  For purposes of placing the underlying events in their proper perspective, it is helpful to consider those issues from a chronological standpoint.  An examination of the LPHI amended […]

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Can Sellers Of Life Settlements Issued By Life Partners (LPHI), Waco, Texas, Be Held Accountable?

Private Offerings:  Essential Need For Due Diligence Investigation

SEC Regulation D usually serves as the vehicle through which private offerings take place.  Typically, a private placement memorandum (“PPM”) is prepared on behalf of the issuer of the underlying securities.  In theory, the attributes and characteristics of the securities are to be described in the PPM.  Unfortunately, […]

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Judicial Analysis Of Allegations Made By Securities And Exchange Commission

As noted in a recent posting, the SEC’s complaint attacked the training and experience of Dr. Donald Cassidy.  Among other things, it claimed that he did not maintain the qualifications that would provide for the issuance of accurate life expectancy estimates.

Extending the analysis further, the contentions of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission asserted that […]

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Securities and Exchange Commission Allegations Directed At LPHI and LPHI Executives

As a means of refining and revising its original allegations, the SEC filed a First Amended Complaint on February 5, 2013 against Life Partners Holdings, Inc. and three LPHI executives.  The SEC summarized its allegations in accordance with the following:

— “Life Partners is a public company that trades on the NASDAQ . . . .  […]

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Analysis of Judgment Entered Against LPHI, Pardo, and Peden

The text of the December 2, 2014 judgment that was entered against Life Partners Holdings, Inc. (“LPHI”), Brian Pardo, and R. Scott Peden reveals the cerebral craftsmanship of a talented, experienced judge who was intent on holding the Defendants accountable for “serious violations” of the federal securities laws while, at the same time, displaying a […]

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LPHI & Its Execs Ordered to Pay Over $46 Million

In December 2014, Judge James Nowlin, U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas, ordered Life Partners Holdings, Inc. (LPHI) and two executives (Brian Pardo and R. Scott Peden) to pay more than $46 million in disgorgement and civil penalties.  The court’s ruling stems from a suit filed in 2012 by the Securities and Exchange Commission, […]

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CPAs & Accounting Professionals: Advancing The Interests Of Clients

Scenario No. 3:  Occasionally, The Value Of An Accounting Professional Is Demonstrated By His Or Her Absence

Mr. Bebel previously represented Howard and Helen J., an elderly retired couple.  Mr. and Mrs. J. believed that they maintained a solid grasp of the financial markets.  In reality, the level of knowledge they possessed was rather minimal.  Little […]

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Continuing Analysis: CPAs & Accounting Professionals

Scenario No. 2: Ongoing Discussion Of Critical Role Played By Accounting Professionals

Chris Bebel previously represented an elderly woman, Alice P., who had entrusted the bulk of her savings to a young, aggressive stockbroker.  Alice P. exhibited an astute, scholarly demeanor that was nonetheless characterized by a sense of warmth and affection.  Blessed with an abundance […]

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CPAs & Accounting Professionals: Helping Clients & Protecting Their Rights

Scenario No. 1: Summary Of Invaluable Assistance Provided By A CPA

More than a decade ago, Chris Bebel filed a case against a stockbroker, and his employer, after “irregularities” were flagged by a certified public accountant who was intent on protecting the interests of his client, Suzie T.  Framed in concise terms, Suzie T. had inherited […]

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SEC Initiates Texas Ponzi Scheme Case Against Voight And DayStar Funding, LP

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently filed a complaint against Frederick Alan Voight and DayStar Funding, LP.  Through that complaint, which was filed in Houston, Texas, the SEC charged that Voight has raised more than $114 million from approximately 300 investors situated throughout the country in connection with a series of deceptive securities offerings.

In […]

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