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Securities law attorney Chris Bebel has served as a prosecutor for both the SEC and NASD (n/k/a FINRA), and is now dedicated to assisting individuals to recover their investment loss. His legal interpretation and analysis has been highlighted on NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CourtTV, and many others.

Investors Can Profit By Purchasing Stock In Private Securities Offerings, But Losses May Be Sustained Due To Intentional Fraud, Recklessness, Or Negligence Of The Broker: Obtaining A Recovery Under State And Federal Law

Billions of dollars are raised every year through the sale of restricted stock in private offerings.  Generally speaking, these sales take place under a series of SEC rules that are commonly referred to as Regulation D — or Reg D for short.  Rule 500, the first of the Reg D provisions, opens the discussion by […]

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Financial Industry Professionals Are Required To Apprise Customers Of Risk: Vague, Ambiguous Statements Of Potential Risk Will Not Shield Stockbrokers From Liability

Framed in formal, professional terms, brokerage firms and brokers must conduct a reasonable investigation of any security they recommend to their customers.  Prior to the time at which a due diligence investigation is completed, a stockbroker will not be in a position to gauge the risks associated with a given security.  Once a detailed understanding […]

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Holding Brokerage Firms Liable When Financial Consultants Cause Customer Losses through Conduct That Is Negligent, Fraudulent, or Intentional: Corporations May Be Held Accountable For The Acts Of Employees

It is well-established that a corporation may be held liable for the acts of its employees.  A key component of the analysis looks to whether the employee was acting within the scope of his employment, or with apparent authority.  With respect to the issue of whether the conduct fell within the scope of employment, courts […]

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The Development of State Securities Law; The Stock Market Crash And The Great Depression: Enactment Of Federal Securities Laws

Beginning in the early 1900s, state legislatures bowed to pressures to regulate the sale of securities.  In 1911, Kansas led the way; it passed the first state securities laws.  State securities laws thereafter became known as “blue sky” laws.  Reportedly, that peculiar phrase is derived from the observation that innocent investors had been enticed to […]

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Top-Rated Securities Litigation Lawyer With A Successful Record: Appellate Court Victories Earned On Behalf Of Texas Investors Victimized By Private Offering Fraud

In recent months, the stock market has repeatedly reached new highs.  Recognizing that we are in the midst of a roaring bull market, a palpable sense of optimism seems to be enveloping the nation.  Suffice to say, however, the stock market cannot — and will not — remain on this trajectory.  Just as the night […]

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The Ongoing Need To Safeguard the Financial Interests of Investors Who Have Entrusted Stock Brokers and Financial Advisers with Their Life Savings: Detecting and Preventing Fraud So As To Protect Customers and Preserve the Integrity of the Financial Markets

Stock brokers and financial consultants who engage in lying, cheating, and stealing can score immense profits in the short term.  Hefty sums can be pocketed relatively quickly by shifty financial advisers who promise the world, and then shamelessly deliver toxic financial sludge.  But, sooner or later, the hammer will come down on dishonest, fly-by-night financial […]

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Statements Made To Investors Must Be Accurate and Complete: An Overview of Basic Securities Fraud Principles, Rules, and Standards

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has consistently made it clear that brokerage firms and the stock brokers they employ cannot recommend the purchase of a particular stock unless they have a reasonable basis for making that recommendation.  And, generally speaking, a reasonable basis will stem from a due diligence, reasonable investigation examination and analysis […]

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Dishonest Stock Brokers Who Fraudulently Sell Stock In Private Offerings Can Pocket Large Commissions, But Investors May Hold Them Accountable Under State And Federal Securities Law

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been raised in recent years through the sale of securities in private offerings, which are also known as private placements.  Without a doubt, private offerings of restricted stock can provide young, thriving businesses with the essential capital they need to finance the construction of new plants and facilitate the […]

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Investors Who Have Sustained Losses In The Financial Markets Must Exercise Diligence While Selecting A Securities Law Attorney

The mix of disbelief, anger, and depression that often develops in the wake of major financial losses can be very unsettling.  Propelled by those dynamics, many investors will eventually begin taking steps to retain legal counsel.  Given the ever-increasing level of complexity that accompanies the vast number of niche areas and specialty fields in which […]

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Investor Rights: Financial Fraud & Investment Fraud

The Wide Net Cast By State And Federal Securities Laws: Pyramid Schemes


Over the years, pyramid schemes have been the source of undue misery and disillusionment.  All-too-often, they have served as a vehicle for promoting fraud and deceit; scores of forthright, trusting investors have fallen prey to the dishonest features thereof.  A typical pyramid scheme is […]

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